The Paleface – Bob Hope and Jane Russell

This sheet music shows some pasted up photos of Hope and Russell in a drawn wagon. The drawing is pretty basic but making Bob Hope the prominent character here may have saved the censor wielding his scissors (as opposed to the paste-up artist!). The two Red Indians (as they were known then, obviously are not too disturbed.

However I think the passengers should be because it looks as if the weight of Hope and more particularly Russellwill make the wheels go bust!

Printed Music Sheets

My first upload to Flickr is a set of sheet music which my father-in-law owned. He was a keen church organist whose widow loves singing the old musicals of the 40s, 50s and 60s. When he died I offered to sell them on eBay for her and became quite attached to the images and photos of a time that I half remember.

As they had become quite musty I didn’t want to keep them. But some of those images are incredible. Here is the score from the film Hans Christian Andersen starring Danny Kaye. As the film was released in 1953. Even though the following quotation enforces the fiction that the Danish poet/storyteller was a cobbler, it’s a lovely sugary quote:

“You know I like to think that shoes have a mind of their own. The ones that squeak don’t want to leave the shop, and the ones that don’t fit don’t like the person that’s wearing them.”

Dedicated to the memory of John Barrett