Brian Lewis: All About Science #02 – Archimedes

This is the second part of “All about science” and Brian Lewis draws a one pager on the subject of Archimedes. This particular one focuses on levers and pulleys.

The colours are interesting in this one – the use of purples, but a nice composition overall with Archimedes’ figure standing out

Brian Lewis draws Isaac Newton

This is the first piece of a long intermittent series that Lewis did for Orbis Publications.
His simple rendering of the snow scene to tell us Newton was born in winter and the claustrophobic street scene in grey emphasises not only death but the grim reality of Newton’s time. In contrast we see the sunny shaded scene under a tree. I love pictures that overlap – as long as they are clear – and love this bench edge and table edge heading into the white border! Something interesting happened with the lettering in the second to last panel. It looks like a last minute editorial change. Whether Lewis did the lettering himself or not, I don’t know, but I assume that each country of this co-edition would want space left for them to fill in their home language.
In just 9 panels Lewis draws you along and in a later issue he covers Newton’s work on telescopes.
A lovely piece of work, completely ignored!

Brian Lewis Comic Artist

Brian Lewis

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Born in 1929, this underrated British comic artist , illustrated many UK comics during the Sixties and Seventies to his death in 1978.

I have uploaded and scanned all the issues of ALL ABOUT SCIENCE I had – several were missing

Lewis’s illustrative work appeared in the mid to late 1950s and from 1959 to 1962 in “Science Fiction Adventures”, “New Worlds”; and “Science Fantasy”, the publications edited by John Carnell for Nova Publications,

He drew many strips for Fleetway comics of the Sixties including Smash “Charlies Choice” which spoofed contemporary spy films such as Bond and “Man from Uncle”. He also drew Mann of Battle in the Eagle. He was involved in TV21, Countdown and produced fantastic covers and art for House of Hammer

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This Flickr set is taken from “All about science” the “colour encyclopedia of science in weekly parts” published by Orbis in the mid-seventies. Brian Lewis illustrated the interior back page series “Discoverers” featuring scientists of history. It’s interesting to note that normally readers would bind these partworks (there were many) by taking the pages out of the exterior covers and disposing of them – thus Lewis’ work here tends to get forgotten!