Brian Lewis: All About Science #06 – Archimedes “EUREKA!”

I haven’t got All About Science numbers 3-5 so I don’t know what appeared in this feature. But here we have Lewis’ brilliant ‘comedy’ on that famous Eureka moment.

Archimedes has a wonderful paunch, that I as a middle aged (who am I kidding) man understand. In just three panels we get driven along and want to know more. I found the story engaging until I got to the science!

I’m disappointed because I don’t think the five panels are clear enough to explain the concept. A gold block (the same weight as the one that allegedly created the crown) and the crown are weighed and found to be the same. Then first the gold block goes into a full jug of water and the spillage is retained. I would then do the same with the crown and only then weigh both ‘spilages’ and find one heavier.

I’m guessing, and it i a guess, that Lewis is merely following his script. Nice last panel of the King dominating he panel and the people!

Footnote: why does it say ‘pitcher’? Perhaps international editions meant the translation had to carry across the Atlantic and ‘jug’ doesn’t mean the same

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