War Illustrated April 2 1942: Nazi strength at sea

“The War Illustrated was a British war magazine published in London by William Berry (later Viscount Camrose and owner of The Daily Telegraph). It was first released on 22 August 1914, eighteen days after the United Kingdom declared war on Germany, and regular issues continued throughout World War I. The magazine was discontinued after the 8 February 1919 issue, but returned 16 September 1939 following the start of World War II. 255 issues were published over the course of the Second World War before the magazine permanently ceased production on 11 April, 1947.” Taken from Wikipedia

War Illustrated cover April 2 1942

War Illustrated cover April 2 1942

I got several of these via eBay and decided before I got rid of them, I ought to keep examples of things that interested me. In this case, the artist appears a few times signs himself “Haworth“. I know absolutely nothing about him (or her!) and would value feedback. I’ll be putting more of his art on the blog. One imagines, given the nature of what his is covering, and in war time, that he might have had direct access to files that otherwise would not normally be available


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