EN = Edgar Norfield – Great moments in a girl’s life # 4

London Opinion 1946 September

The Internet is a wonderful thing. I tripped over some old London Opinions the other day and fell in love with an artist new to me .

‘EN’ He signed his work very consistently as EN but just once in a while it also said:

EN Signature

Who is this consistently good artist from the 40s?

A quick search shows my old friend Steve Holland has mentioned him in passing but more exciting is the Pathé news reel of Edgar Norfield at work

EDGAR NORFIELD (issue title – SIGN PLEASE) – British Pathe.

I have a few more by Norfield to share (including more of the series “Great moments in a girl’s life” and hope to do it more often this year, but who knows, this is a hobby after all!


2 comments on “EN = Edgar Norfield – Great moments in a girl’s life # 4

  1. jon dudley says:

    What a nice old chap. He lived near my grandma in a tiny village called Markbeech in Kent. His house was called ‘Rookery Nook’. As a young lad I was absolutely fascinated by him; every evening he took a constitutional which my grandma told me was where he ‘got his ideas’, but he often stopped to lean on her gate to chew the fat and pick up on local gossip. She being not in the best of health, EN would collect her lurid Western novels from the mobile library van and return them once read. Eventually he moved to a small terraced cottage behind The Pelham Inn in Lewes where I re-connected with him this time as a teenager. As a sixth form art student he took me under his wing and organised a life model whom we could sketch at his house. If I nipped in to see him during a free period from school there was always a glass of sherry proffered. I remember his nose as being reminiscent of a huge strawberry. A dear man and a sadly neglected illustrator – I thank you for resurrecting him from obscurity!

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