The Gentle Fraudsman: Leonard Gribble / Tom Kerr PUZZLE

The gentle fraudsman The gentle fraudsman part 2
 From Boy’s Own Paper September 1956 pp49-50

The latest captured puzzle from the 1950s is definitely set in that period as you may not actually guess the answer as these days the solution is not so noticeable. But have a go. You have one week to figure it out before I post the solution. As usual the puzzle is written by Leonard Gribble and drawn by Tom Kerr – the real reason I noticed it in the first place. Kerr’s style is easily identifiable. Black and white, thin figure work – to the point of elongation (not so much here!) , the jawline tends to be similar between figures and the eyes do all the work emotionally.  For a better example visit the excellent Avengers Illustrated. After searching the Internet for some basic biographical details I gave up – Wikipedia having a very patchy article without even basic dates – he’s a mystery despite children of my years knowing his work well from the 50s and 60s! Shame on the Brits, once again!


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