Edgar Norfield and Edward S. Hynes

I scanned the following from a copy of London Opinion (December 1939 page 6) and enjoyed the Norfield joke. We don’t get to see much of his artwork here, but the periscope works for me! Opposite is a cartoon by Hynes who appeared in lots of these magazines at the time. I don’t particularly like his style but there will be a brief overview in the next blog post about him as an article appears in the same issue.Norfield submarine joke


2 comments on “Edgar Norfield and Edward S. Hynes

  1. Jon Dudley says:

    Hopelessly late I’m afraid but I knew EN, firstly as a child when he lived close to and was friendly with my grandmother at Markbeech in Kent, and later as a teenager when he lived in a terrace house behind the Pelham Arms in Lewes. What a wonderful chap he was – generous, kindly, witty and of course observant. I was at school in Lewes and he used to organise occasional life drawing classes for me and a few others at his home, just to keep his eye and his hand in, plus giving us the benefit of his considerable experience. Always lubricated by sherry and wine we had enormous fun. What a draughtsman!

    • standby4action says:

      Thanks for these memories Jon. It’s one of the reasons I wanted a space to preserve these beautiful images so that others could enjoy them as well as me!

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