Various; Stavert J. Cash, Howard K. Elcock, C. E. Brock and others

In the books thrown out by my parents-in-law, I retrieved these pages. The book had no credits, but a couple of names are legible and I’ll leave you with the rest.

Miscellaneous 1


Miscellaneous 2

C.E.Brock 2

As Wikipedia says: Charles Edmund Brock (5 February 1870 – 28 February 1938) was a widely published English line artist and book illustrator, who signed his work C. E. Brock

Stavert J Cash

Stavert J Cash

I couldn’t find much to help identify Stavert J Cash except a reference on a genealogical website stating he could be Stavert Johnstone Cash (1884-). One interesting find was a Boy’s Own Paper from 1914 which ‘predicted’ the mobile phone:


Stavert J Cash Marconigraph

Stavert J Cash A Vision of the future. The Pocket Marconigraph. Tapping off a Message for Help



Howard Elcock

Howard Elcock

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 4 but could be Elcock?

Howard K. Elcock was most famous for his association with the drawings for Sherlock Holmes in the Strand Magazine

Miscellaneous 5

Miscellaneous 5

Miscellaneous 6

Miscellaneous 6

The signature on this piece is totally unknown to me, but is it ‘N. Sotheby Paberton’ or similar?


What's the artist's name?


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