Lilliput – Rowland Hilder

In a previous post I showed an advert for the Co-operative Society drawn by Rowland Hilder. I loved the line work and I’ve found a few more.

This time in Lillput November 1950 page 20 we see the mysterious village of Cornwell, Oxfordshire.I say mysterious because a search of the Net shows not much about the place. A blog entry by the widely travelled Philip Wilkinson shows that it is an “estate village”. Another search brings up Francis Frith (the photographer who captured Britain for posterity in the past). I think we are looking from the other end of the street here but I can’t find much more of value. Panoramio normally has splatterings of photos on Google maps, but luckily this one shows another view of Hilder’s drawing.  British Listed Buildings has an entry but very thin! A mysterious place indeed!

Cornwell, Oxfordshire by Rowland Hilder



One comment on “Lilliput – Rowland Hilder

  1. biffadigital says:

    Great stuff on the Rowland Hilder illustrations for the CWS. If you publish anymore they will be gratefully read. I came across some less detailed versions in the Manchester Guardian for 1950.

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