Phil May, caricaturist and amiable alcoholic


Lilliput June 1954 Cover by Victoria


Lilliput June 1954 p44


Lilliput June 1954 p45


Lilliput June 1954 p46


Lilliput June 1954 p70

Collins Bumper Book for Girls

This is one of those multitudinous publications that causes me great grief. I’m looking for artwork by a few artists and trip over these on eBay and wonder, “could it have art by X, Y or Z?” Sometimes a question to a seller works; sometimes not. As this was so cheap I bought it and as usual found some sweet artwork. The book is going to a charity shop but before it does, here’s my favourites preserved for all to see.

The frontispiece is by ‘Heade’ who I presume is the Reginald Heade of paperback cover fame and there’s a nicely illustrated piece by Florence Harrison, and the fan site lists this book as being published in 1951. Mabel Osborne is someone I know nothing about and I suspect she was a poet but did she illustrate the piece called ‘The Seasons”?

The Bumper Book for Girls – Collins – Cover

The Bumper Book for Girls – Collins – Frontispiece

Bumper Book for Girls – Title Page

Bumper Book for Girls – “Cat’s Life” by Claire Moore

Bumper Book for Girls – “Flowers or Fortune” by Florence Harrison