Adele Collins in Lilliput magazine

I was writing about Raymond Sheppard’s work in a copy of Lilliput 1956, July to be precise, and discovered a bit about this lady and felt someone might be searching for information about her so I’m sharing what I have.

Lilliput July 1956

Lilliput July 1956

The Lilliput magazine contents page always credited the artists who drew the covers but from November 1955 the publisher used a photograph (with a few ‘designer’ covers in the later Fifties) and often the photographer (and subject) are not credited. However in this issue there is a feature about “The daring young lady on the firmly attached flying trapeze”.  Below is a small resolution scan of the double page article


The lady in question is Adele Collins (not the modern singer!) who appeared in Vogue and other fashion magazines and whose famous portrait by Norman Parkinson appeared in the National Portrait Gallery. She is featured again in a later Lilliput that someone has already scanned.

Here are two full page scans of the feature. Enjoy yourselves!

Lilliput July 1956 p.40

Lilliput July 1956 p.40

Lilliput July 1956 p.41

Lilliput July 1956 p.41

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