Barrie Linklater

Just because we were discussing various artists in the Eagle Annual 1965 and Dan Dare’s Space Annual 1963 David Slinn kindly sent me the images below and I felt they were better shared, than sat on my hard drive (and that is the purpose of this infrequent blog!)

They are the endpapers drawn by Barrie Linklater  for the Eagle Annual 1963. Linklater’s art can be seen (and bought) from the link in Steve Holland’s biography –  Illustration Gallery.

As David says, “as you’ll see, more than capable of handling futuristic subjects.” His art on “War of the Worlds” certainly shows both future and past! Could he be the artist of the Dan Dare cover on the 1965 annual? If someone knows Barrie or can get him to send me an email to deny or confirm this would give a lot of Eagle readers some peace! He doesn’t mention his comic work on his website but looking at the area he moves in now I’m not surprised! But maybe I’m tracking the wrong guy! Someone put me out of misery, please!



Eagle Annual 1963



Eagle Annual 1963

As an aside, I knew one of the men who worked on the Blue Streak and he was exceedingly disappointed that the project was cancelled and one suspects carried that burden for the rest of his life. The cancellation of the project was extremely embarrassing for the UK Government.



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