Animals and Birds -Blackie and Son Limited

I recently shared a picture from this title on my Raymond Sheppard blog and thought I’d share the rest here.

The book has no date, in common with a lot of these children’s Blackie books, the idea, I guess being their long shelf life. This particular one is a hardback with all pages of board.

Animals and Birds COVER – Artist unknown


Animals and Birds Page 1 -A talkative couple by Kim Hunter?? (SeeĀ  also Page 12 below)



Animals and Birds Page 2 – M. A. Peart

Liss Llewellyn Fine Art have some biographical details and a lovely portrait of Marian Ada Peart. This illustration also appears in the Blackie’s Children’s Annual (33rd Year), illustrating a story called “The Cat Lady” written by ‘Q. K.’ I have reproduced it here for your pleasure!

The Cat Lady by Q. K.



Animals and Birds Page 3 – B. Butler

This image also appears in Blackie’s Children’s Annual (33rd Year) accompanying the story “Marmalade” where a cat runs away and is found by Ian in the pet shop. B. Butler shows the moment Ian is asked by the owner “Can I help you, Sir?” – the text on the Annual’s illustration.

Animals and Birds Page 10 – Field-mouse and blue tit by Allan Carter

I can find only a few references to Allan Carter – born in 1909, and illustrated books for Oxford University Press and Blackie between 1928 and 1936.

Animals and Birds – Page 4 – “What about my share?” by Topham

I know this is Miss Inez Topham and that she must have died around 1957 as interestingly there is a Charity (no. 212667) set up on 16 January 1963, which I can only assume is the same lady as it states “WILL DATED 12 JUNE 1957” – and the charity is for “FOR THE RELIEF OF DISTRESSED ARTISTS.”. She does many illustrations in Blackie and Thomas nelson children’s books.

Animals and |Birds – Page 6 – “At the Smithy” by B. Butler


Animals and Birds Page 7 – House-martins at home

Aniamls and birds – Page 8 – by R. Gudgeon

I suspect this might be Ralston R. B. Gudgeon (1910 – 1984) who painted wildlife images (and might he have done the cover to this book?)

Animals and Birds – Page 9

Animals and Birds – page 11 – “If only we dared!” by B. Butler

Animals and birds – Page 12 –


Animals and birds – back cover by B. Butler