Animals and Birds -Blackie and Son Limited

I recently shared a picture from this title on my Raymond Sheppard blog and thought I’d share the rest here.

The book has no date, in common with a lot of these children’s Blackie books, the idea, I guess being their long shelf life. This particular one is a hardback with all pages of board.

Animals and Birds COVER – Artist unknown


Animals and Birds Page 1 -A talkative couple by Kim Hunter?? (See  also Page 12 below)



Animals and Birds Page 2 – M. A. Peart

Liss Llewellyn Fine Art have some biographical details and a lovely portrait of Marian Ada Peart. This illustration also appears in the Blackie’s Children’s Annual (33rd Year), illustrating a story called “The Cat Lady” written by ‘Q. K.’ I have reproduced it here for your pleasure!

The Cat Lady by Q. K.



Animals and Birds Page 3 – B. Butler

This image also appears in Blackie’s Children’s Annual (33rd Year) accompanying the story “Marmalade” where a cat runs away and is found by Ian in the pet shop. B. Butler shows the moment Ian is asked by the owner “Can I help you, Sir?” – the text on the Annual’s illustration.

Animals and Birds Page 10 – Field-mouse and blue tit by Allan Carter

I can find only a few references to Allan Carter – born in 1909, and illustrated books for Oxford University Press and Blackie between 1928 and 1936.

Animals and Birds – Page 4 – “What about my share?” by Topham

I know this is Miss Inez Topham and that she must have died around 1957 as interestingly there is a Charity (no. 212667) set up on 16 January 1963, which I can only assume is the same lady as it states “WILL DATED 12 JUNE 1957” – and the charity is for “FOR THE RELIEF OF DISTRESSED ARTISTS.”. She does many illustrations in Blackie and Thomas nelson children’s books.

Animals and |Birds – Page 6 – “At the Smithy” by B. Butler


Animals and Birds Page 7 – House-martins at home

Aniamls and birds – Page 8 – by R. Gudgeon

I suspect this might be Ralston R. B. Gudgeon (1910 – 1984) who painted wildlife images (and might he have done the cover to this book?)

Animals and Birds – Page 9

Animals and Birds – page 11 – “If only we dared!” by B. Butler

Animals and birds – Page 12 –


Animals and birds – back cover by B. Butler


6 comments on “Animals and Birds -Blackie and Son Limited

  1. angelahogan4 says:

    Hi there, I came across this webpage while looking for any information about Allan Carter. I have a beautiful bird print that his daughter gave me in about 1995. My guess is that she has since passed, since she was already probably in her 70s. I would love to know more about him and if he has other bird prints for sale.

    Thank you,
    Angela Hogan

    • standby4action says:

      Hi Angela
      This is why I love this sort of casual blogging, one never knows what turns up! I searched three major biographical dictionaries/encyclopedia for an entry but found nothing about Allan Carter unfortunately. There are auction records online of works that look to be predominantly African wildlife – so could he have been African? but that’s an argument from silence really! I presume his daughter lives/lived in the UK? If you want to share a photo of the print you have I’d love to add it here in case anyone else stumbles on my page. Just go to About Author page for my email
      Thanks for writing

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post – and the lovely reproductions of the illustrations. We have just come across a copy of this book and the beautful illustrations triggered my interest, You have saved me a heap of research. Lovely post, thanks.

  3. Jessica says:

    Apologies for the second post but I’ve just seen another blog post about this book and the blogger had found out that the book was received by the British Library in 1937, so it’s a fair bet that that is the year of publication, That would certainly tally with the style of the book and its manufacture and seems to tie up with the likely active years of some of the artists you identify. The post is here, if you wish to take a look.

    • standby4action says:

      Hi Jessica, yep that’s true. The BL is unlikely to have had such a backlog back then therefore the submission of the book to them and its addition to the catalogue would have been quick. So c.1937 it is!

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