Edgar Norfield Great Moments in a Girl’s life #27 and #28

I’m glad to highlight Norfield’s artwork. His linework is so clever. This series have given me a lot of fun! I have about three more to share, so watch this space

London Opinion 1948 October p29

London Opinion 1948 October p29

London Opinion 1948 September p29

London Opinion 1948 September p29

Edgar Norfield and Edward S. Hynes

I scanned the following from a copy of London Opinion (December 1939 page 6) and enjoyed the Norfield joke. We don’t get to see much of his artwork here, but the periscope works for me! Opposite is a cartoon by Hynes who appeared in lots of these magazines at the time. I don’t particularly like his style but there will be a brief overview in the next blog post about him as an article appears in the same issue.Norfield submarine joke

Edgar Norfield – Great moments in a girl’s life # 10

Another one in the series from London Opinion March 1947 p29. Notice how the shape of the woman in question is formed. A simple curve and letraset filling the form.The banker also appears to be completed in drybrush. I love the fact (or maybe it’s just me) how Norfield places the hands and in my mind I associate draughts in unpleasant places!

London Opinion 1947 Mar p29

Mark Garfitt kindly sent me this picture from a calendar from 1938 – see his comment below!!!

edgarnorfield1 edgarnorfield2 edgarnorfield3


EN = Edgar Norfield – Great moments in a girl’s life # 4

London Opinion 1946 September

The Internet is a wonderful thing. I tripped over some old London Opinions the other day and fell in love with an artist new to me .

‘EN’ He signed his work very consistently as EN but just once in a while it also said:

EN Signature

Who is this consistently good artist from the 40s?

A quick search shows my old friend Steve Holland has mentioned him in passing but more exciting is the Pathé news reel of Edgar Norfield at work

EDGAR NORFIELD (issue title – SIGN PLEASE) – British Pathe.

I have a few more by Norfield to share (including more of the series “Great moments in a girl’s life” and hope to do it more often this year, but who knows, this is a hobby after all!