“They make us smile” – Lee (1901-1975)

This time Bradshaw brings us an overview of a lovely artist I had never met before this – Lee.

Millions of people would not have known his full name was Joseph Lee (from Leeds). These pages come from London Opinion 1941 (February). We have the Cartoon Trust (based at the University of Kent Canterbury) to thank for a biography – which apparently is taken from these very pages – with a wrong reference!


London Opinion 1941 Feb pp066-067

London Opinion 1941 Feb pp068-069

London Opinion 1941 Feb pp070-071


London Opinion 1941 Feb pp072-073

I thought it worth giving you a glimpse of the risqué photos that this magazine included as the article ends on the opposite page. I like Lee’s art style – bold clean lines, affectionate caricatures and jokes I think, may need explanation but at the time I’m sure were easy to understand.

The first on rationing everywhere; a reference to the much smaller Anderson shelters used by people in their back gardens – the rich in this picture need to drive in!; the third I think still works; the fourth – a decorated toff obviously knew about being fired on – maybe not directly – in the First World War; the bunnies still works and finally Dad is overjoyed that in rationing he has found a treasure!

Interesting cartoons exemplifying the times of all pulling together and still sharing a joke about ‘them others’.