“They make us smile” – Mervyn Wilson by P. V. Bradshaw

“They make us smile” was a small series in London Opinion magazine written by P. V. Bradshaw (Percy Venners).

A lovely overview of his life appears in About Postcards, where it states he was born in 1877 and founded a Press Art School in 1905, of which he was Principal for 50 years! He died on 13 October 1965. I would guess that he published this series to educate his pupils at the school and entertain the readers of post-War Britain. I don’t have a complete list of who appears in the series but will publish others as and when

London Opinion 1946 September_p42-43

London Opinion 1946 September p44-45

London Opinion 1946 September p46-47

This particular article is about Mervyn Wilson whose work appeared in the Radio Times from 1936, Punch from 1935 and elsewhere. After the war he produced a comic strip for the Daily Express called ‘Mike’ , a radio character, the article tells us. To see much of his Punch work, follow this link or even easier go to Google, click on Images and enter this: “Mervyn Wilson” cartoon