Collins Bumper Book for Girls

This is one of those multitudinous publications that causes me great grief. I’m looking for artwork by a few artists and trip over these on eBay and wonder, “could it have art by X, Y or Z?” Sometimes a question to a seller works; sometimes not. As this was so cheap I bought it and as usual found some sweet artwork. The book is going to a charity shop but before it does, here’s my favourites preserved for all to see.

The frontispiece is by ‘Heade’ who I presume is the Reginald Heade of paperback cover fame and there’s a nicely illustrated piece by Florence Harrison, and the fan site lists this book as being published in 1951. Mabel Osborne is someone I know nothing about and I suspect she was a poet but did she illustrate the piece called ‘The Seasons”?

The Bumper Book for Girls – Collins – Cover

The Bumper Book for Girls – Collins – Frontispiece

Bumper Book for Girls – Title Page

Bumper Book for Girls – “Cat’s Life” by Claire Moore

Bumper Book for Girls – “Flowers or Fortune” by Florence Harrison