Everybody’s Weekly: Fred Exell

Everybody’s was an extremely popular publication that included some superb illustrators and illustrations. This particular artist struck me for his ‘scratchy’ pen work. When flicking through this title, one sees clear line work with strong brush strokes, but Frederick Robert Exell’s work appears almost sketchy, or engraved.

Everybody's Weekly 29 December 1951

Very little is known about him. Even the extensive, but in my opinion, flawed The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators by Alan Horne (published by Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd 1999, says little beyond a short list that can be retrieved from book sites on the Internet. One entry found mentions he might have been born 1923. It is known that along with many fellow illustrators of the time that he did illustrations for the Radio Times as theĀ  Dictionary of British Book Illustrators: Twentieth Century by Peppin and Micklewait mentions as well as the fact he was a lecturer at St Martin’s School of Art. Any list of books illustrated by him will include all the usual multi-interpreted classics.

Everybody's Weekly 21 February 1953 p16